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The Gernsheim Collection

The Gernsheim Collection
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The Gernsheim Collection is one of the most important collections of photography in the world. Amassed by the renowned husband-and-wife team of Helmut and Alison Gernsheim between 1945 and 1963, it contains an unparalleled range of images, beginning with the world's earliest-known photograph from nature, made by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1826.

While the collection itself includes some 35,000 photographs from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, a research library of some 3,600 books, journals, and published articles, about 250 autographed letters and manuscripts, and more than 200 pieces of early photographic equipment, The Gernsheim Collection book is a curated visual history of photography from its beginnings to the mid-twentieth century.

Each full-page image is accompanied by an extensive annotation in which Roy Flukinger describes the photograph's place in the evolution of photography and also within the Gernsheim Collection.